May Motivation Month

This isn’t going to be enough..

This isn’t going to be enough..

I decided make this my May Motivation Month. The goal is focus on personal health and career goals. I will challenge myself to maintain an eating and exercise plan while also working on photography and content creation goals. We live busy life, so there is not really a ton of time for photography at the end of the day but I figured better to put the site together and just make time.

OK, maybe I am just getting all worked up cause Im turning 35 next month.. that could be it. Either way, this website is a result of the May Motivation Month. It’s a work in progress but either way I just wanted to see things in an organized way. Visual organization is important to me..

I plan to post more often and make use of this platform to share content. If you had a chance to view the galleries let me know what you think.

PS: I am all up on the gram @westcoast_inspired so make sure follow me there for some west coast inspiration. #maymotivation

What are your goals? Are you working on them?